3 February 2010

Special Reserve

[exhibition announcement]

A lot or a little might be said, but in the end there will be something to pass on.

By WilliamHsu and Nick Spratt

For their project at Newcall Gallery, Hsu and Spratt initiate a series of events that position the gallery as site within a trajectory, providing an access point to other spaces in its immediate surroundings. These events in their varied forms explore and reveal parameters of inclusion and exclusion within shared space. They interrelate in a way that might call into question how collective experiences may be instigated and relayed.We invite you to join us for the opening event on Wednesday evening at Glenside Reserve South.

Please join us at GLENSIDE RESERVE (beside Newcall Gallery, see map) 6pm tonight for the opening event.
Weather forecast looks fine but if it rains please bring an umbrella.
Show runs 4 - 20 February

Hours for 2010: 12-5pm Thursday - Saturday
(The gallery will not be open on Waitangi day, Saturday 6 February)
Details about subsequent events will follow during the course of the show.--

Level 1, Newcall Tower
Hohipere St

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