28 October 2009

An art opening

"New Zealand painter Andre Hemer’s unique umbrella art project recently came to life on the front lawn of the AUCKLAND GIRLS GRAMMAR SCHOOL with 256 students standing in formation holding umbrellas aloft to form the word CURE. From the air the work had a “digital precision” as first the C, then the U, R and E opened to form the word. A collaborative event involving the artist in Berlin, together with Art for a Cure curator Paul Baragwanath, AGGS and David Ponting Architecture which provided the architectural drawing. The event, part of the "Art for a Cure" exhibition, was documented from a helicopter thanks to Bayley’s Real Estate agent Marnie Adams. To be part of this living, moving artwork that flowers in the rain, buy the umbrella designed by André Hemer from here."

The Art for a Cure exhibition is now on at Hopetoun Alpha, Auckland, culminating in a closing event and auction on Friday 30th October. Exhibition catalogue downloadable here.

Image: Andre Hemer, Art for a Cure, courtesy of the artist and Antoinette Godkin Gallery, Auckland.

14 October 2009

Remap Berlin

"Remap Berlin spreads a thin geographical virus in Google Earth and deals with different levels of reality. The project introduces a series of b&w photographs shot in Twinity, a mirror world that reproduces a realistic 3D replica of Berlin. The photos shot in Twinity, are then geo-localized in Google maps, re-mapped from virtual to real and positioned in the exact point where they have been shot in the mirror world. Once uploaded in the photo sharing community Panoramio, the pictures are mixed up with other ones shot in the same geographical point from real life users. Many of these pictures have been selected by Google and can now be found as “Popular photos in Google Earth”: his became a little geographical virus, parts of our memories of the real world. The photographs are cityscapes, shot by Marco Manray roaming around the still empty streets of Berlin in the beta version."

Internet landscape photographer Marco Manray's Remap Berlin project is currently featured at Window.

Image: Leipziger Platz, found here and HERE


Art from Space is an exploration of art-related phenomena that manifests in interesting ways on Google’s aerial maps. It is also an experiment in curatorial practice; collecting, presenting and contextualising items in ways that users can explore, free of curator-imposed framing and sequencing. This blog is Art from Space’s developmental musings made public, where items are introduced to the project in real time, rather than awaiting the grand unveiling of a completed exhibition. Specific locations of interest are highlighted in CAPS and linked to a map for further exploration. Visit the mother ship HERE.