15 December 2008

The Yellow Peril

In 1995, Claudia Bell and John Lyall wrote a book about the big sculptural things provincial towns like to put up as a kind of local signifier. The book not only became a TV documentary, but also a set of postage stamps, but darned if we can find any convincing views of one on google maps yet. A recent tip-off alerted us that Australia is also rife with Big Things so, while searching for a giant penguin in the Tasmanian town of (wait for it...) Penguin, we came across a blog entry on the Big Banana, the Yellow Submarine, and Melbourne's infamous 'YELLOW PERIL', now accomodated in a more sympathetic setting at ACCA.

BTW, we did eventually find the penguin, but only by cheating and driving around for ages using STREET VIEW. Likewise the OHAKUNE CARROT and the GORE TROUT.

Image: The Big Cheese, in Bodalla, NSW.

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